Mallorca Leo Club, sponsored and formed by Calvia Lions Club, held their formation Charter at Aroma Restaurant, El Toro, on Saturday 11th May.

The Club is for 12-18 year olds and is the first to be formed in the Balearic Islands and becomes part of Spain’s Lion district 116A. Presentation of the Charter and Individual membership certificates were made to the 17 founder members by Lions District Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez, and Calvia Lions President Chris Waters.

The new club that encourages its members to be active in serving their community, whilst having fun and developing leadership skills, joins more than 5700 Leo Clubs in approximately 140 countries.


Bellver Leos recycle for sight:-

June 2015 – During the past few weeks members of the Bellver Leo Club have been collecting spectacles from the school community so that they can be recycled and used again by people who are unable to purchase their own.

The spectacles will now be sent to the mainland, where they will be cleaned, sorted and repaired. The sorted spectacles are then sent to areas where they are needed, ready for distribution.

Bellver Leos raise money for local charities:-

April 2015 – Every school ends up with a small mountain of lost property and Bellver International College is no different.

By Christmas the number of uniform items had grown to such an extent that something had to be done. Parents and students were invited to search through the clothing to reclaim any missing belongings, but it became clear that many items were either outgrown or no longer required.

With the help of parents, the uniforms were cleaned and repaired and it was decided to sell the clothing and give the money to local charities.

Members of the Bellver Leo club organised tables at the end of the school day to sell to the parents as they waited to collect their children. To everyone´s surprise the Leos raised more than €250 and now have to decide how best to use the money.

Bellver Leos prepare stall for St Patrick´s Day:-

March 2015 – For the past two weeks, the Bellver Leo Club have been planning how to organise their stall at the St Patrick´s Day celebrations and on Sunday they saw their efforts come to fruition in Santa Ponsa.

The students from years 7, 8 and 9 arrived early on Sunday morning and set about decorating their table and preparing games for the public to play.

The multi-lingual students had no problem conversing with people of all ages and were able to explainthe charitable nature of their club. Parents were also happy to see their children involved in this worthwhile cause.

Bellver Leos set up a Dog Walking Trail:

2014 The children with Bellver Leos Club have set up a Dog Walking Trail and thereby now organise regular dog walking sessions to exercise their own dogs and those of others.