Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organisation. It has 1.4 million members in more than 46,000 clubs worldwide

LCIF has awarded more than US$900 million in grant funding, LCIF has realised many accomplishments toward the mission of supporting Lions’ local community and global service. LCIF are proud of these big numbers, but we’re more proud of how we’ve reached people in need and created real change. With help from Lions, donors and partners, we hope to continue to add much more to our record of humanitarian community achievements. Here are just a few ways in which the Foundation has impacted people in need all around the world:

Sight Achievements

Our sight programs have changed the lives of millions. There may be many, but each person who has had their sight restored or improved has a story to tell—a story of living with frustration, fear or helplessness, then having that unexpected moment of seeing the world through their own eyes, and going on to embrace a new life with vision. Being able to help people in this way is unforgettable, and is often the result of a simple operation or gift of eyeglasses. At an average of just US$6 to restore someone’s sight, giving a man back his independence, enabling a child see the chalkboard at school or allowing a grandmother to see her grandchild for the first time, is priceless.

  • Awarded 1,163 SightFirst grants in 102 countries for a total of more than US$305.4 million
  • Restored sight to 7.7 million people through cataract surgeries
  • Prevented serious vision loss for more than 30 million
  • Provided over 271 million treatments for river blindness
  • Built or expanded 660 eye hospitals/clinics/wards
  • Trained 681,000 eye care specialists
  • Conducted more than 20 million vision screenings for children through Sight for Kids
  • Launched the world’s first-ever initiative to combat childhood blindness in partnership with the World Health Organization, establishing or strengthening 34 pediatric eye care centers
  • Provided management training for 276 facilities
  • Raised more than US$200 million for Campaign SightFirst II, making it the greatest fundraising effort in LCIF’s history.

Disaster Achievements

When a fire, hurricane, tsunami or other disaster strikes anywhere in the world, LCIF is there to offer help. And we stay for as long as it takes to finish the work. From Japan to New Zealand to Haiti, we are giving strength, resiliency and hope to those who have lost everything. The Foundation plays a role in helping them get through the toughest times, and in rebuilding their lives.

  • Awarded a total of more than US$100 million in disaster relief
  • Mobilized US$15 million following the South Asia tsunami in four countries, US$5 million for Hurricane Katrina projects in four states, US$3 million for the China earthquake, US$6 million for the Haiti earthquake and US$21 million for the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Youth Achievements

Giving young people the opportunities to have healthy childhoods, feel safe and cared for and mature into productive, confident adults is central to LCIF’s work. Young people deserve to to learn, have shelter and gain skills to help them lead the lives of their dreams. Through the Foundation’s youth programs, we hope to do all of this and more. Whether it’s teaching students skills to make positive decisions through Lions Quest, equipping a youth health clinic or building a place for children to call home, LCIF is changing children’s lives every day.

  • Engaged more than 13 million students in the youth development program Lions Quest
  • Trained more than 550,000 educators to implement Lions Quest in school and community settings
  • Implementing Lions Quest in 85 countries
  • Curriculum translated and adapted into 36 languages

Humanitarian Aid Achievements

Humanitarian service is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s mission, and that service is conducted in a wide range of ways. The needs of each community vary as much as the people, which is why local Lions identify the projects that can make a real difference. It might be bringing running water to a remote village, enabling a teacher to truly hear her students for the first time or helping a Special Olympics athlete see the finish line more clearly. Every project the Foundation funds involves meeting authentic needs and transforming lives. When we hear that life got a little easier or is filled with new possibilities, it inspires us to continue our work.

  • Provided vision screening for more than 350,000 Special Olympics athletes from 85 countries through Opening Eyes
  • Provided vaccinations to 41 million people in Africa for the Lions-Measles Initiative pilot project.