In 2013, the Lions Club of Calvia was approached by the paediatrics department of Son Espases University Hospital who expressed a desire to use music therapy as a tool to help with the treatment of children with cancer.

A spokesman from Son Espases said: “With kind donations from people like Calvia Lions, we were able to raise €1,300 to purchase all the necessary instruments to launch a music therapy department, which was a wonderful achievement.




Once the instruments were obtained, the search began for a qualified music therapist to carry out the work. Of all the applicants, one young man by the name of Pau Catala stood out by showing a deep and genuine interest in not only becoming the therapist but also in the overall success of the program itself.

By 2015 the program was officially a part of the pediatric department in Son Espases. It became so successful that Pau has been asked to expand the program to include children who suffer from other illnesses.

Unfortunately, this program is not funded by the hospital or the government and it depends on associations like Calvia Lions to keep it running.”


Calvia Lions will continue to provide funding and have allocated the profits from the Lions Thanksgiving Dinner on 24 November to the program.


NOTE: The photo of the children is not from Son Espases Hospital and does not represent any of the children involved in the program. The photo is generally available and is for illustration purposes only.